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can you imagine being stuck in a conversation with ricky gervais at a party? can you imagine how fucking horrifying that would be? with every hokey new atheist talking point, the snack table seems to slip away further into the ether. soon, you can’t see anything but him and his terrible dreamworks face sputtering on about how god is the easter bunny for adults. all you can do now is nod and hope that he’ll tire himself out soon. earlier, you stashed a copy of the book of mormon in full view on the porch, hoping he would take the bait and you’d be able to lock him out, but so far, no dice. it’s just you, stuck with ricky gervais blabbering on about how jesus was a jewish zombie. as your brain engages emergency protocol to shut down your ear function, the last thing you hear is something about how atheists don’t cause anyone any harm

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